Buena Vista Heights Neighborhood Association

Buena Vista Heights Neighborhood Association is looking for volunteers to mentor our youth and assist with community activities. Volunteering provides valuable community services, it brings people together in positive ways. Our community is a diverse community, when you volunteer you and other volunteers work toward a common goal by building camaraderie and teamwork. By working with our youth you will offer them a better chance at personal growth and self esteem. If you are a new to the community what's a better way to get to know your neighbors and understanding our community needs. By becoming a volunteer, you get a chance to give back. The association are looking for volunteers to provide;

1) After school tutoring
2) Support youth with mentoring and after-school programs
3) Beautify the community, cleanups
4) Become a Board Member
5) Sit on one of our committees

Become A Community Volunteer
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