Buena Vista Heights Neighborhood Association

Buena Vista Heights Neighborhood Association Board Memebrs
Buena Vista Heights Neighborhood Association is a non profit corporation. Our board is made-up of six board members that live within Buena Vista Heights. The association holds elections for each of our board seats one time a year. The boards actions are governed by the associations bylaws. Buena Vista Heights Neighborhood Association represents the residents of Buena Vista Heights, Miami, Florida. The area includes from North Miami Ave to NW 2 Ave From 38 Street to NW 54 St. Buena Vista Heights Neighborhood Association is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization under Internal Revenue Service.

Our Neighborhood Association (NA) is made up by residents, which include tenants and property owners, we are not a homeowners or business association. The association advocates on behalf of the residents through organized activities within our neighborhood. We encourage residents to run for office and become a board member. It is by far a rewarding position to fill and be a direct figure in the decision-making that takes place in our community. In addition the board has a number of committees that individuals that live within the community can sit as committee member or a the chair person of that committee.

Buena Vista Heights Neighborhood Association prides its self on being open, honest and fair. The association and its members will always strive to understand each others point of view, and we will represent all in our community. As you know, we all come from different walks of life. We are of different ages and cultures, having varying world views, nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation, religious or political perspectives, economic status or educational attainment. We will represent residents, renters, home owners, business owners or others who support the goals of the Buena Vista Heights Neighborhood Association. Buena Vista Heights Neighborhood Association membership is free. However, we do encourage members to help out financially when they can.  

Ulysee Kemp
Evelyn Andre
Vice President
Christime Andre
Rosa Ramos    
Treasurer/Spanish Liaison
Gena Veilard
Secretary Assistant
Veullana Veilard
Buena Vista Heights Association was first established 11 years ago. It evolved from a grass root initiative to a fully operated Neighborhood Association with board members who reside in the beautiful Buena Vista Heights community. The original association was placed on hiatus for a few years, but due to increased interest from residents, it was reinstated in 2013. Our diverse Board members share one common goal; the development and improvement of Buena Vista Heights. Our commitment and efforts will focus on improving the quality of life for all residents, establish a crime watch committee, reduce traffic along N. Miami Ave, create activities for our elderly, eliminate outside parking from neighboring businesses in our residential areas and to create a safe environment for our youths. Our public officials are committed in helping us with improving our community; and the association will remain diligent in its effort in achieving those goals. We strongly encourage residents and business owners to express any concerns, wishes, needs and ideas they may have directly to our Board.