Buena Vista Heights Neighborhood Association

The onetime Buena Vista town hall, built in 1921 at NE 40 St and NE 2nd Ave (spent time as post office, courthouse, a tire stroe, ewt.
We live in Buena Vista (In Spanish it means view) an area located in Miami, Florida. Buena Vista is made up of three areas; Buena Vista East, Buena Vista Heights and Buena Vista West. The section that we live in, is Buena Vista Heights. Buena Vista is primarily made-up of residential neighborhoods with a business district located in the Design District. Many of the homes were built in the 1920's and consist of Mediterranean Revival, Mission, Craftsman, and Art Deco architecture style residences. Many of these homes were built by Sears. The price of a newly built home at that time was about $1,200.

Buena Vista was a pineapple plantation and one of its owners was T.V. Moore. More lived in Buena Vista East, he also opened a furniture store. You may know the location, its was in the Moore Building which is located on NE 40 St and NE 2nd Ave. In general, the residents who lived in Buena Vista East were cracker immigrants from Georgia and North Carolina. Many of them were business owners, managers and professionals. While the residents who lived in Buena Vista Heights were the working class. Many of those residents were Bahamian Blacks who worked the plantations, railroad, etc. Today, Buena Vista Heights is a thriving multi cultural neighborhood.

Buena Vista Heights, Miami, Florida